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Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), liquid

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Bulk Liquid Coconut Oil - Non GMO -  From Natural Plant Sources

Fractionated, fixed oil, liquid form - this product is liquid at all temperatures
Also Known As: Medium-chain Triglyceride 60/40, MCT Oil

Liquid Coconut is the perfect fixed oil as is will not go rancid like other carrier oils because of the saturated fat content. It is completely clear, colorless and odorless and will remain liquid at all temperatures. It is a good substitute for sweet almond oil if you are concerned about rancidity or a short shelf life. This oil is also a good replacement for pricey Jojoba Oil! This fixed oil is a highly versatile oil.
Saponification Value: NaOH .232, SAP KOH .325

CLEAR, COLORLESS, ODORLESS and is non-greasy.
Average Shelf Life: 20-24 Months
Expressed/Separation from Cocos nucifera


All Oils for Manufacture Use Only

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