Making A Difference with Green Packaging

We're making a difference in more ways than one!

Making A Difference with Green PackagingWe started this essential oil business to make a difference in the lives of others - helping them to heal, regenerate, relax and recuperate ever single day. As a company devoted to 100% Pure and Natural ingredients, we felt it was important to be a green as possible...

We know that our natural essential oils help people! and now we have taken that initiative one step further with our Eco -friendly packaging. It is our responsibility to ensure that our packaging does not damage the environment!

How do we help the environment?


All of the boxes and packaging materials that we receive from our suppliers are re-used or recycled. For example, if we get unrecyclable packing peanuts we will reuse them, when appropriate, and you may find them in your box of goodies. All cardboard boxes, plastic containers, glass and aluminum products are sent to a recycling facility if they are not fit for re-purposing by employees and their family members. (Yes - employees can take empty containers for personal use - as long as they vow to recycle them when done.)



What does this mean?? We purchase biodegradable packaging materials! If you have ordered essential oils from 100PEO- you most likely will recognize our green colored bubble wrap and our funky looking packing peanuts. The green bubble wrap is actually a biodegradable product that will break down completely within 24 months - that's right - it will turn to dust! The packing peanuts are made of corn starch and will dissolve in water. That means NO EXTRA WASTE is going to the landfills as a result of our shipment - so we know we are not leaving behind a legacy of garbage and we feel great about that! These items may cost us more money than the traditional - non-recyclable - not biodegradable items but HEY - the PLANET IS WORTH IT and future generations will reap the benefits! (That is thanks enough)


We are trying to do our part to keep the planet green. We know that our customers are special - and they appreciate our efforts!

We thank you for your visit and look forward to serving you!

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