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Vanilla Natural Blend

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Undiluted Essential Oil Resins, Absolutes & Extracts

ALL NATURAL VANILLA BLEND - Reduce costs while enhancing your product!

Specifically created to replace more costly vanilla absolute -Pure vanilla oil prices are extremely high and availability is quite limited. So we have a solution!

The ALL NATURAL VANILLA BLEND is made of all resins, absolutes and plant extracts meant to replicate or enhance the natural vanilla in a product. Its exact composition is proprietary, but it contains vanilla as well as other resins, absolutes and plant extracts made to resemble the touch, feel and aroma of pure vanilla oil.  NO SYNTHETICS! 

Ingredients: proprietary blend of all natural resins, absolutes & plant extracts

Try a sample - see how it can reduce you overall cost while maintaining natural labeling.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review