Aroma Notes - Working with Base Note Essential Oils

Essential Oils as Natural Fragrance (perfume)The following oils fit into the Base Note category. Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Vetiver are all popular base notes - these are the scents that you will still smell at the end of the day and will be most prevalent.  

Low Notes will persist long after the top notes have faded away. These oils are commonly referred to as fixative oils - meaning they slow down the rate of evaporation in a blend. Select your low notes carefully, as they will have the most influence over your blend, and they are usually the most expensive. 

Very little base note is required. It is wise to begin your blend adding the base notes first- then you can add the middle notes and finally the top notes.


General Proportions:
5/10/20 Drops (base/middle/top)

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