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Aroma Inhaler Tube with Unscented Wick

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4 pc unscented Nasal Inhaler Stick with 2" wick


We upgraded the quality of the plastic to make these inhalers super comfortable - after all, scratchy plastic up your nose is no good, right? And with our highest quality wick, your product will out perform the rest! 

Just add your favorite essential oils for a personal inhaler! The applications are endless with this pocket sized nasal inhaler.

Includes 4 parts

  • Outer Shell
  • Inner Shell
  • Absorbent Wick (2" long, 3/8" thick!!)
  • Cap

We love to use this inhaler blank. It is 2.5" Long x .5" Wide (2.25" Diameter) and is made from food-grade plastic. Use this pocket size inhaler tube any time you want - especially at times when you do not want to disturb others, or if it is not convenient to diffuse oils. Perfect for travel, on planes, in the car, at the office, and at night without affecting your partner. Comes with a super absorbent, premium quality wick.


  1. Slowly Add 5-10 drops of essential oils to the tip of the absorbent stick.
  2. Place the scented end into the inner tube.
  3. Place the cap on the end of the inner shell.
  4. Place the tip of the inner tube up to you nose and breath in.
  5. Screw the out shell to the base of the inner tube and store away.

It's that simple and so effective - and when used this way it will not leak! The scent will last a long time and can be refreshed by removing the end cap and adding a few more drops to the absorbent stick.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews Write a review