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Clove Bud Oil 20% Off Sale

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Clove Bud Oil 20% Off Sale

It's time To Celebrate - Essential Oil Price Reduction Time!!

Clove oil prices have been too high - so let's bring 'em down!

Clove bud Oil 20% Off Sale

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Sale period subject to product availability and can end any time.


Why so high? 

Prices on clove oil from Madagascar have skyrocketed in the last year - mainly due to severe storms that have crippled the harvest.  The amount of physical labor needed to produce this high quality clove oil is enormous, and after recent storms and poor weather conditions, many growers have gone on to produce alternate, more lucrative crops.

What does this mean??

Unfortunately, clove oil prices will remain high, due to less output and less production. This will only get worse in the coming harvest, as demand continues to soar.  We may have to discontinue carrying this variety of oil - and will begin to offer a less costly version of Indonesian material. 

Expect prices on Madagascar Clove Oil to remain high - but celebrate this sale because it will not last - once supply is gone, it may not come back this year.